All his timbers are reclaimed, with the beauty and imperfections of the tree guiding his approach.

Born and raised in Friedberg, Germany. von Doring, completed a seven year apprenticeship with two German masters and holds a degree in furniture design. 

He believes to truly create great art, one must have an emotional and spiritual connection with the materials and the project to achieve something greater than both. For the last 25 years, von Doring has created a loyal following with his distinct style, craftsmanship and self-inspired nature. 

Each sculpture is reduced to it’s essential elements. His pieces create organic forms with a modernist tension.. 

The German born and raised artist has exuberantly embraced the potential offered by today’s contemporary world. However, he blends his love for space, form and humans with a belief that the natural world had the right idea all along. Von Doring’s astonishing objects are the result of an ongoing quest to create forms that touch people’s soul. 

Delightedly crossing categories, von Doring  is collected by clients as varied as the MGM GRAND Hotel and Casino, Wells Fargo Bank, The Smithsonian Institute, museums, John Lautner and various prominent private collections. He has been a public speaker and lecturer on subjects such as the spirit of the tree  for over 10 years Von Doring’s specialty is qualifying the present moment in art and design, rather then restyling the past. His self-inspired and intuitive nature are not categorized but rather timeless.